Two Conservative Lesbians Podcast

10509635_283654035147519_5141828138985432836_nRecently I (MeredithAncret) and one of Elementary Politics other writers, Erica,  started a podcast entitled Two Conservative Lesbians. Which is exactly what it sounds like. A weekly show with two witty, non-stereotypical, conservative women talking about politics and current events.

We would like to encourage Elementary Politics readers to listen in and subscribe to the show, which is honestly just going to get more and more awesome as we gain more experience in podcasting.

You can find us on Youtube, Spreaker, iTunes, and iHeart Radio as well as on our main website, where we also have a forum for discussion between the hosts (Erica and Meredith) and the listeners, where they can share their thoughts and ask questions for us to answer on the shows.


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  1. I’m very interested in this! Being both a proud supporter of gay rights AND a conservative, it drives me nuts that a few religious wack-a-doos have made people that don’t understand politics cling to the falsehood that conservatism is the antithesis of gay rights. Conservatives are the ones that actually fight for government to stay out of our lives and personal matters! I’ll definitely be listening. You go, ladies. ❤

  2. You guys Rock! I am President of Log Cabin Republicans of Miami – (the Gay Republicans!) loved you spot on you tube, if you are ever in Miami, would love for you to come and speak at one of our meetings! my email address is Keep on keeping on! Lots of informing to do out there!

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