An Open Letter To A Really Brave Two Year Old and One To a Handful of Cowards

To the son of Catherine Ferreira:

Sorry, I don’t know your first name. No one mentioned it in the news articles, but I felt compelled to write to you regardless of that. There is a good chance you will never ever read this letter and, given the context of my letter, I hope you are of suitable age if you ever do read it.

First a quick explanation to those who don’t know who you are, since this is an open letter after all.

The son of Catherine Ferreira is the two year old in this video:

So that was you, defending your mother from a crazed attacker, and I’d like to say that you are one awesome kid and I hope you continue to grow up defending your mother and anyone else who needs help and protection. I think your on a good track to becoming a fantastic adult. You fought for your mom and, even though you probably didn’t even realize it at the time, you did it without care for the injuries you might sustain.

You knew right from wrong and you knew to protect those who need protecting.

Personally I think that’s a subject that most children grasp a lot better than the average adult and nothing shows that more than the people whom the second half of this letter is for.

To Catherine Ferreira: you did not deserve what happened to you and I hope Latia Harris pays dearly in court for what she did, but I think it’s probable (without knowing you I can’t say for certain of course) that you are doing something right in raising your son and I hope that continues. Your son is very brave.


To: the cowards who watched and recorded this fight and did nothing to stop it. 

Some of the the bystanders were children and they get a bit of a pass as a result. An 8 year old does not have the same reckless loyalty to a stranger that a 2 year old has to his mother.

Others of you were more than big enough to step in and pull this attacker off of her victim, but instead you stood back and “ooh”ed and “ahh”ed like you were at a UFC championship fight made for your entertainment. You have no excuse. At least one, probably more, of you must have had a cell phone to call the cops. Why didn’t you? 

And I know none of you were mutes, you could have used your voice to try to stop this attack or call for help.

I’m sure your video of the fight will be very useful in court, but did any of you consider that one punch landing the wrong way could have lead to irreversible damage to this woman? Harris threatens to kick a two year old child, which could have easily crushed the skull or ribs of a child of that size, and not one of you said a word or stepped in to help.

Not one of you tried to protect a child who was clearly putting himself in harms way, which would have been easy enough to do even if you didn’t have the strength to save the mother from her attacker.

All for what? For a viral video? For a moment of “entertainment” at the cost of someone’s well-being?

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I know I’m ashamed of you and I don’t even know you.


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