Coming out of the Political “Closet” to a Liberal

So, by dumb luck, or just chance, you’ve “come out” of the proverbial, political closet and confessed to being a Conservative to your youthful, Obama loving, liberal. The comments that come from the mouth of liberals when encountering the diversity of the opposing party seem to twitch at the mere thought that the stereotype about the GOP are inaccurate. Here are some of the comments that our fellow conservatives have received and here is some excellent ways to respond to their ignorance.

A tumblr conservative who wished to remain anonymous said, “I am a Jewish Lesbian CisWoman and I have been called a walking contradiction and told that I should just keep my mouth shut because I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about.”

This is a truly idiotic comment because liberals toe the line of, “We’re all accepting and tolerant.” But can’t deliver when they run into people of different political views.  One easy way to combat this would be to point out how tolerant of other opinions they are, or explain to them that just because they do no like what you say does not mean you do not have the right to say it.  And no, bashing their head in is not going to solve the problem. That brain doesn’t work and no amount of blunt force trauma is going to help. Its a sad fact.

“You can’t be a woman and a Republican, don’t you know that Republicans are waging a war on women and trying to take away your reproductive rights.”

Let me state right here and now, not every single conservative/Republican is personally waging a war on women. This is conservative shaming. HA! There you go. Stop shaming me for being conservative.

These kinds of comments are designed to make you, the women, feel bad for being a conservative. I encountered this very same comment and I responded with, “Uh, actually….” and delve into a story a professor of mine told me about a woman who found acceptance of her ideas not in the Democratic party, but in the GOP. Just because Republicans oppose abortion does not mean they hate women. There’s a lot more to women then their uterus and liberal tend to forget that.

Fellow writer here at Elementary Poltictics, Millerita states that liberals are shocked to find out she isn’t one. They say, “But you’re so smart,” to which she responds with “Yes I am, that’s why I’m not a liberal.”

This is a fantastic response. In today’s society being a conservative somehow makes one ignorant and stupid, which of course, couldn’t be father from the truth. But, these days being “Progressive” is associated with intelligence for some reason. So I suppose if being progressive meant jumping off a ravine or something we’d be okay.

“But you’re black!”

Le GASP! How dare you be black and a conservative? You have crossed an impossible barrier that liberals have imagined that can ever be crossed. It is impossible for you to be different and not fit inside their little box.

Glaring may be your only rational response that won’t result in a long debate about how racist the Republican party is.

Now while this is filled with humerus quips of response, the reality is dark. The conservative stigma has been so deeply implanted into the mind of the average person that the responses that people give us are just plain stereotypical.

Think about your own responses to similar ignorant questions. Do you handle it in an informative and educational way, or do you take the humerus route and try to make light of a dark situation.


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  1. Unless they’re family, I don’t bother with liberals. People who espouse an ideology that is damaging to society & promotes a welfare state aren’t worth discussion or interaction. They are worth countering & fighting.

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