The Problem With Bowe Bergdahl


The headline made me smile: “POW released!” What a wonderful thing to read about. One of our brave soldiers surviving capture and finally being able to come home to his family. Cue the trumpets, get the confetti ready and crack open the champagne.

And then it all started to unravel. Oh, the POW is coming home, but the circumstances surrounding his capture, release and negotiation of that release are beginning to look more and more ominous.

We offered 5 GITMO detainees for our one soldier. Ok, I can get behind that. Release 5 low end detainees as a show of good faith and as a way to protect our hero! As Captain Picard would say “Make it so!” And so they did.

Except the 5 released weren’t low end detainees. They were Taliban LEADERS who authorized attacks that killed many people. What’s worse is, this deal was made directly with the Taliban themselves. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I was pretty sure the USA has a non negotiation stance with known terrorists. Adding insult to injury, we are now finding out Congress was left out the loop of this exchange. Why?

But we haven’t even gotten to the worst of this situation. Yes, it gets worse. Bowe Bergdahl is reported to have abandoned his post before being taken by Taliban forces. Taken is even a strong term, as there are accounts that he was actively seeking out where he could find the Taliban. So much for our hero POW story. Looks less like a POW and more like a deserter.

Couple that with the fact that Robert Bergdahl, Bowe’s father, tweeted that he is fighting for the release of GITMO detainees. Let’s add a bit on to this, as Robert opened his remarks in the Rose Garden with a Muslim greeting. This all has gone widely unreported.

Recently Robert tweeted again about releasing GITMO detainees. Hi there. Robert? Yeah, um, your son was released/traded for 5 high level Taliban detainees. How about you call that a win and enjoy having your son home, ok?

What makes me really angry about all this is that we have a Marine sitting in a Mexican prison because he took a wrong turn and was not allowed to make a U-turn back into the USA. Where is Obama on this issue?

There is a Sudanese woman in prison because she is a Christian. She’s married to a US citizen and had applied for a visa to come the USA. They have two children, one born in prison just this week. This woman is sentenced to die, but not before being lashed for her adultery for being with a man the Sudanese Sharia controlled law doesn’t recognize as her husband. Obama, where are you on this?

You can make back room, illegal deals to free GITMO detainees for one deserter, but you can’t pick up the phone for Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi or for Miriam Ibrahim? What is wrong with you?


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