John Oliver’s Dumb Comparison

John Oliver said something foolish… Well, this website’s audience probably expects that. But here’s an idiotic quote someone shared:

From the Boing Boing Facebook page.

Does he think that having to take off our shoes at the airport is an overreaction to the failed shoe bomb, and not understand why there can’t be a similar overreaction to mass shootings?  Does he think the TSA is a good thing? That having to take off your shoes at the airport is a good thing? And therefore “changes in the regulation of guns” would be a good thing?

Whatever… It’s still pretty dumb.

Having to take your shoes off at the airport is completely different from gun regulations. And of course that’s what he means by changes in gun regulations – more gun regulations. Being made to take your shoes off in the airport doesn’t stop you from buying any type of shoe. It doesn’t stop you from bringing any type of shoe into the airport. It doesn’t say anything about how many shoes you can own. It doesn’t interfere with the manufacture, purchase, or use of a product.

It, er, also doesn’t interfere with one’s ability to defend oneself 🙂

I won’t even touch on whether or not the abundance of  guns or the types of guns available are the problem. Maybe something else is the problem. I’m just kind of sick of these stupid analogies and comparisons we see all the time, that you realize don’t work if you think about them for more than ten seconds.


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