CPAC: The Experience

Alternative title: How to Fry Your Brain in 3 Days 

cpac swag

My CPAC swag

Earlier this year I was able to attend CPAC 2014 as a member of media. I was excited and wanted to soak up as much as I could. So every morning, my roommate (Indepgirlism) and I would head over to the convention center about 8 am to get a good seat in the media area. We would check the schedule to see which speakers, panels, receptions, or movies we wanted to see that day. Then we would also catch up with some friends at lunch or see them at the Hub. (Hub is the exhibitors’ hall) We would leave the convention center about 6 pm. If you know anything about CPAC, you know there are nightly parties to attend, so our day wasn’t over.

I took in so much information, that my brain was on overload. I have no idea if I even made sense to anyone on Saturday. I do know that my brain was in override because I could not sit still that day. I walked in and out of the media room so much, security knew me and ask me what my energy secret was. Here’s my secret: candy. Everyday I had a candy stash in my bag. I even had homemade ‘puppy chow’.

One of things I remember that was said at a reception for veterans where the speaker was Col. Allen West. He said in his speech that in the 1980’s, 64% of congress where veterans or had some affiliations with the military. Currently, its at 20%. That speaks volumes! He was also very gracious to all the veterans in the room. He said he felt honored to talk to veterans from WWII. I would also like to mention that I am amazed that Col. West was able see when he left CPAC. He took pictures with anyone that asked, even in a darken bar at Blog Bash. That’s a lot of bright flashes!

One of my favorite things that personally happened to me was when I was able to met Anita MonCrief. She was an ACORN whistleblower. I’ve heard some of the things she has done and I wish we had more people like her out there. During our discussion, we talked about outreach, which is one of her passions. I got excited! I just met the Cecilia S. Johnson at a previous conference who runs Hood Cons. (Hood Cons is an urban outreach located in Missouri.) So I had to make sure these two women meet.

Then there is catching up with people you only get to see face to face once or twice a year. Never seems like there is enough time to play catch up, meet others, and make new memories.

So what did I learn? I learned that I need to pace myself better. Schedule more breaks. This year I did eat more and kept hydrated, which is better than what I did last year. I also learned that I need to get over my fear of the microphone. I have friends that do radio that would like to have me on their CPAC shows. Tune in next year to see if that happens.


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