Liberal Outrage At Jezebel: 3 Months Late and Questionably Researched

So last night as I’m scrolling though the RSS feed I have of some of the most inane “news” sites I follow, I see a headline on an article and think “didn’t I read about this in February?” I clicked the link and, sure enough, it’s a Jezebel article trying to refresh the outrage over a story that is either 2 months old or 12 months old depending on your point of view.

Kat Callahan is a "journalist" if that means shrill social justice blogger with delusions of being a journalist.

Kat Callahan is a “journalist” if that means shrill social justice blogger with delusions of being a journalist.

An official in Michigan running for a seat on the Republican National Committee has published a bizarre open letter calling for a purge of gay members of the Grand Old Party.

Mary Helen Sears, the vice-chair, 1st District of Michigan’s Schoolcraft County’s Republican Party, argues in the letter the Republican Party was founded on Christian principles and an opposition to slavery.

She is particularly critical of the idea of the “big tent,” approach to forming political parties, an idea she attributes to former US President Ronald Reagan (which she misspells).

– GOP Official Wants to ‘Purge’ Gay Republicans, Agents of ‘Satan’

Honestly there are so many things wrong with this article that it’s almost embarrassing that Kat Callahan might actually consider herself to be a journalist.

First up being the fact that Mary Helen Sears is running for any office at all anymore. By February 15th (just over a week after the initial furor over Sears article had begun) Sears had conceded and the seat she was running for was awarded to Ronna Romney McDaniel.

Secondly, calling Mary Helen Sears a GOP Official is about as accurate as claiming the intern who does the donut run is an “intricate part” of a business, it might technically be true (I know I make better executive decisions once I’ve had a donut) but it lacks any nuance and any context.

Mary Helen Sears is, at most, a relatively insignificant cog in the 1st district of Michigan. She’s the vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party’s 1st District, to be exact. Her district represents just over 700,000 people and has voted blue for their seat in the House of Representatives from 1933 to 2011. I question how she was ever elected to her current position in the first place. Her power is negligible and her voice is about as insignificant as it can get and the reaction from those that bothered to read and comment on the article that is causing this uproar among liberal “journalists” is almost unanimously negative, from conservative readers as well as liberal.

On the 14th, just before she conceded, the same website where she published her rant also published a piece by a gay conservative calling out demagogues and those who believe that religion should dictate policy. Clearly that website had no intent to purge gay conservatives from the party.

The article in question was written over a year ago and became news in February for some reason, likely because Sears was running for office, but liberal sites are still pulling it out as some sort of example that they think proves all Republicans hate gay people. This says more to me about how little evidence they truly have to support their “Republicans think gay people are scum” argument, than it does about the GOP frankly.

Michigan has been a hot point in LGBT discussions this year, after Dave Agema made anti-gay comments…which led to Republicans in several levels of politics and the RNC, including RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak as well as Terri Lynn Land who was a candidate for U.S. Senate in February, into issuing statements against him.  If Sears was anything close to being important or worthy of being named a GOP Official, as this article thinks she is, Preibus and Schostak would likely have said something similar to her as well.

All this does is indicate that the Republican party has a few ignorant social conservatives running the show on fairly low levels and no one in the higher levels actually likes them at all.

This isn’t news in May, even if it was even really news in February, but hey, social justice liberals on Jezebel, who cares about research or facts right?

I mean you just want something to feel outraged at, something to make yourself feel superior to Republican, even if your shrill outrage just makes you look ignorant.


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