Amazing Spider-Man 2, Oh what a sad little web you weave

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, just can’t seem to make it work. As a huge fan of Spider-Man since I was little, I was hoping this movie wouldn’t be as bad as I feared. I hoped that it would take me on a great ride, change my mind, and remind me why I fell in love with the character in the first place. Sadly however, this movie fell flat in all sense of the word, anyone that heralds it as amazing (pun intended) needs a serious reality check. Beware, Major Spoilers Ahead!

The movie starts off rather interestingly as being told from the view of Peter’s father. We get a very shaky and disorienting action shot, showing us that Peter’s father was a pretty cool guy before we turn to Spider-Man intercepting an armored car being stolen by a Socialist meat head named Aleksei Sytsevich who Marvel fans will know as Rhino. And who was Rhino for two second at the end. This is also where Peter saves the pathetic, Max, a worker at Oscorp played by Jamie Foxx. Max becomes the villain Electro after a nasty incident with electric eels at Oscorp.

Peter Parker and his girlfriend (they’re back together) Gwen Stacey graduate High School. Despite being reunited Peter is being haunted by the promise he made to her father in the previous film about keeping her out of his life. They break-up again, but decide, later to try to be friends. Meanwhile Norman Osborn’s son Harry returns to New York. Poor Daddy died and he now has to take over the company while suffering from the same genetic illness dad had.

This movie, while obviously setting up the death of Gwen Stacey, had very little substance to it and was way too long. It had some weak special effects moments and was ultimately far too convoluted. In fact, this movie had about three separate plots and one subplot. First there was Peter Parker finding out what his father had been up to and what led to his death, second there was Electro’s pathetic “no one notices me” plot, third is Harry’s search for a cure to his disease and ultimately becoming the Green Goblin, and finally Gwen’s subplot of going to Oxford.

There was too much put into this movie and far too much effort was put into setting up the Sinister Six and not nearly enough on a developed plot. This movie was very disorienting and kind of boring.

Peter Parker: Andrew Garfield was very….flat in this movie, he only seemed to have two emotions, this Peter was broody hipster Peter instead of the angsty nerd I love. The entire time I was actually reminiscing about the Toby McGuire Spider-Man.

Electro: Let’s be honest, Jamie Foxx is a terrible actor. I mean this is the second movie with him that I have seen and I’m not really impressed. In this film Foxx couldn’t quite make up his mind on how to play Electro. There was the poor geek, the overlooked employee, and the “badass misunderstood” villain. He couldn’t quite nail down his character. Electro wasn’t much of a real villain in the comics, nor was he particularly interesting or intimidating in this film, just pathetic and annoying.

Harry Osborne: Wasn’t much there in terms of character, or development, all the average viewer knew for sure was that he’s Osborn’s son, and him and Peter were friends way back in the olden days when they were kids. Dane DeHann did an alright job, given the kind of character he was given. I had not seen him previously and thought his performance was alright  given what he had to work with.


Now was there anything redeeming about it?

The action was relatively decent and the quips were alright. But overall there wasn’t much that redeemed this movie, with perhaps the exception of scenes of Spider-Man being a great hero to kids, Stan Lee’s cameo was cute, and Gwen Stacey was pretty great herself. She had her moment, before her untimely and very comic book reminiscent death.  But sadly, that’s not enough to warrant it a good review. What his film needed was more focus on writing an in depth plot and less desperation for a Sinister Six movie which technically they now set up with Lizard, Goblin, Doc Ock, Vulture, Electro and the rumored Venom that is getting his own movie. Bad guys are not nearly as interesting as the producers at Sony seem to think they are.

Final Grade:  Two and a half stars.


Magnifying StarMagnifying StarMagnifying Glass-Half


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