Ways to win in an election year #5 True the Vote

True the vote


My favorite argument by populists trying to justify their beliefs goes something like this: Romney and his brand of only economic/foreign policy tempered with sanity doesn’t work because he lost to Obama who cheated and rigged a lot of the election. Oh, wait, they don’t say that…at least not in the same sentence. Now in light of the Democrats almost irrational desire to ensure that there are no Voter ID laws, the discovery that there are thousands of questionable votes in North Carolina, and a woman who voted at least 6 times for Obamaamong a lot of other anecdotal evidence…it makes it clear that perhaps, most elections where Democrats have something at stake, might not always be on the up and up to some degree. I can’t say exactly to what degree because Eric Holder continues to criminally refuse to do his job and investigate crime (he would rather feign indignation when Congress points out that he’s a worthless sack of shit)…but there is clearly some Democratic voter fraud going on. And when you admit this…sane people might wonder if the claims that Romney and his policies were just losers are even remotely valid…but let’s just skim over that glaring contradiction…and focus on voter fraud.


Now while we should all keeping pushing for our states to implement and enforce strict voter ID laws (I would also suggest getting rid of automatic registration programs and pushing to have voter rolls cleared out every election which makes it much harder for the Democrats to get the zombie vote they always seem to corner) one of the things that we as individuals can do is get involved with True the Vote.

True the Vote is a grassroots organization (which has in the past been illegally harassed by the IRS and corrupt Congressmen Elijah Cummings) whose purpose is to train people to monitor polling places. Despite liberal lies, they operate entirely withinThings-requiring-voter-id the laws of every state they are active in and they need support. The fact is that, as True the Vote points out, there are strangely very few irregularities where there are polls watchers and only irregularities where there aren’t poll watchers. It’s as if some kind of corrupt political party was looking for places where they can get away with voter fraud…but too afraid to show up where they might actually get caught. The more people we have to monitor elections the few examples of corruption and fraud we will see.
Call True the Vote. Here is a link to contact them. Get involved. Bring your friends. Unless you have a vested interest in voter fraud (*cough*liberals*cough) you have no excuses. The primaries are coming up and you don’t want the liberals to make sure the worst candidates get in.




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