The Power of Repetition


“Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit which, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex.”

Norman Vincent Peale


It pains me to see the direction our country is headed in. And regardless of the good intentions of the Republican Party, we are letting them ruin us as a nation and a people. Yes, there are many of us who understand what must be done to turn this boat around and steer us towards freedom, as intended by our Founding Fathers, but today knowing it’s possible is no longer enough. And studying the Democratic Party and how they’ve been able to always come out on top in almost every political, economic, and social argument in the last decade, any idiot can see how they do it. It’s time we started meeting them on the battlefield of ideas and ideals prepared, instead of apprehensively and unorganized, as we have been.

In order to do this we must come to one simple understanding! Whether you identify as a Conservative, Right Leaning, Tea Party member, Libertarian, Independent, small business owner, immigrant who came here looking for something more than what you had before, or just someone who believes in small government and the power of capitalism to solve our economy, then we ARE Republican. That is our Party. That is our ticket label at the ballot box. This is no time to be griping about the label! It’s also no time to be pussy-footing around as if what YOU want and need is non-negotiable in order to get your cooperation. Sometimes you have to put aside your petty tantrums for the greater good. Just look at the Democrats and recent public issues and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

The two Bills out of Kansas and Arizona, recently proposed, that both failed almost as quickly as they were written, come to mind as a perfect example. Right away the Democrats went to work in painting them both as ‘anti-gay’ and it worked because they never missed a beat in their talking points. Even if some Democrats agreed with the Bills because they knew their real intent and purpose, it didn’t matter, they did what had to be done. You couldn’t turn on a news channel or read a news article without seeing the words “anti-gay” being repeated over and over again till one simply became synonymous with the other. Yet again proving they don’t need a winning argument or facts to get what they want, they just need to enact what I like to call “The Parrot Effect”. Catchy huh? Basically, it means, the Democrats (more specifically, the Progressives and their movement) have become masters at parroting anything that comes out of the President and his administrations mouth.

Republicans (and whatever other term you choose to identify as) don’t do that. Ever! In fact, I can’t remember a point in the last decade where we have done that. Except if we are bashing a policy this current administration has proposed. But what good does that do us if all the other side will do is enact the Parrot Effect and call us fear mongers, anti-whatever, or accuse us of starting a “War on ________”with no solutions to what we consider to be real economic problems. And maybe we do have solutions. There have been some compelling bills brought to the floors of Congress, but when the Parrot Effect is not utilized to positively present those bills, they get lost in the small echo chamber and never make it out alive. Even worse, no one in the general public even knows of their existence to fight for their survival. I’m willing to fight. To carry the banner. But not if I don’t know what I’m fighting for. And let’s face it, not everyone has the time to do their own homework so we need a bit more effort on the part of the party we would be more animated and excited to represent out in the real world if we had more than just sound bites to go on. We are not mindless sheep like those on the Progressive Left who will simply take what they are told and Parrot it to others. I am not suggesting that we mimic the Parrot Effect. What I’m suggesting is we truly stand together and when we spread our positive message of truth it sounds as one voice and not like millions of voices all shouting something different, yet quite passionately.

I know we are a party that champions individual freedoms and liberties, but we seem to have forgotten that old saying, “united we stand, divided we fall.” We have spent way too much time with the “in-fighting” that we have abandoned the true cause. Yes, we can have individual freedoms, liberties, and less government control, but only if we ALL come together and focus on those issues. Not the petty social conflicts the Left likes to get us tangled in because they know we will go to our own separate corners and refuse to compromise with each other let alone with them. Social problems will work themselves out (and we know this to be true) if we can focus on lessening government control and putting the decisions back into the hands of the states and the people they represent.

We need to become a platform of solidarity and unity if we ever hope to compete with the machinery of the Democratic/Progressive Movement, and win.


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