Veronica Mars—A great movie even if you never saw the show.



Veronica Mars“[Neptune] it actually does sit on a Hellmouth.”


It has been described as equal parts Buffy and Bogart.  Very true.  And now it is a movie that tied up all the major threads and left me just feeling happy.


It has been nine years since Veronica Mars left our TV sets and Neptune, California.  Since then she has graduated law school and has left the P.I. trade behind…


…until her ex, the reformed perpetual bad boy, Logan Echolls calls—once again accused of murder.  And Veronica, despite still dating the eternally boring Stoch “Piz” Pisnarski, goes running to save the love of her life.  What follows is, as usual, Veronica peeling back layers upon layers corruption and lies to find the truth (and get herself in a lot of trouble in the process).


Over the course of the film Veronica faces her own demons and questions whether giving into the thrill of investigation is really good for her or just leading her down the path of self-destruction.  I am happy to say that her conclusion is, what I believe to be, the right one.


The plot is tense and well crafted, the in-jokes are all over the place but do not detract for someone unfamiliar with the show from grasping what is going on, and the wit of the old show is all there—as well as the plethora of reference to other great works of art. Off the top of my head there  were references to Buffy (the Hellmouth), Charlie Chan (referring to Veronica as Number One Daughter) and Veronica doing a Tom Cruise impression doing a Jack Nicholson impression in commenting on Logan’s whites and needing to show her some respect.  It’s all a reminder of the old days… and if you don’t know what the old days are like…

I promise you, even if you didn’t watch the old TV show, you can follow the plot easily, you will laugh at most of the jokes (yes you’ll get more of them if you watched the show, but this should be proof that you go back and rewatch it), you will feel for the characters and you will be thoroughly entertained.


Added to this, we should all try and see it more than once if you enjoy it and pull all of our friends to see it, as success of Veronica Mars, which was started as a Kickstarter campaign, can only end in massive upheaval and reworking of the way movies are made in Hollywood.  This movie is capitalism at its best and it should be encouraged and embraced!


And the best thing about it is: they set up a sequel.  The person behind all the corruption in town is still out there.  The issues with a few characters still have to be resolved…and Madison Sinclair still needs to be burned alive at the stake (if you watched the show, you know this is not an exaggeration it is something that must be seen for the universe to balanced and just).


As it is a mystery I can’t get too much into detail but for old fans of the show I would like to say that this movie highlights in very clear terms the virtues (or lack there of) of all of the Veronica cast. When something terrible happens it is Wallace who seeks a practical solution, Mac who gets Veronica to solve things, Logan who defends the honor of those he cares about, Veronica who diffuses the situation…and Piz who just stands there with a dumb look on his face doing nothing.  I always hated Piz and it’s good to know he is still the same useless character he started out as.  All the characters are the, more so than they were before, but nothing has been changed of the characters we loved over two seasons (and that third season we tolerated).


Now while there is nothing overtly political in the film* there has been some bitching that the film is liberal because it shows rich people as shallow and worthless. Okay, fair enough (as if spoiled children ever turn out well in large percentages whether you have money or not) the 09ers (the rich kids) in the film are shown to be terrible people. But between Vinnie Vanlow, working class Sheriff Lamb and his cops, and PCH biker gang, it’s not like the poor come out as saints either. Hell the murders for the movie in this film come from both sides. And that has been true of this entire series, there are heroes and villains on both sides of the economic divide, the show just plays off the fact (primarily due to liberalism) tensions between the classes are getting more and more bitter. Heaven forbid writers should use real conflict in society as a background for a story. (Let us also not forget that in the show, the Kanes, the two most vile people in the show in the end of the first season lamented the fact that they had to associate with Republican, clearly showing the two worst people in the show to be liberals to the core).

Go see Veronica Mars.


Final Grade:A-


Note.  Stay to then end of the credits for Logan’s message of the day.  I know you missed those.


*yeah there is the corrupt police subplot, but right now all sides are more than willing to jump on law enforcement over reach—cops if you think that’s an unfair statement just answer why so many of you are obey immoral AFT and IRS orders or why you’re buying so much heavy artillery, you have to admit that there are portions of law enforcement that are making it easy for all sides to hit you.


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