It’s Not the Cost, It’s the Timing: Why I Criticize Obama’s Vacations

I, along with most other conservatives, have been hypercritical of the constant vacationing that our current first family do and the exorbitant cost that these vacations heap onto our tax payers, but I feel it’s time to explain what the real problem with these vacations are.

It’s not that I begrudge vacation time to our President and his family, it’s simply that the timing is horrible.

If we had a booming economy and congress was functioning in such a way that would get solutions to our major problems, I would say “bless you, please go to Hawaii for a week and play some golf” but that’s absolutely not the case and it’s never been the case for any of the President’s vacations (or golfing trips).

His timing for his extravagant vacations, domestic or international, has been the tackiest thing I’ve seen since the dress I had to wear for show choir in 7th grade.

Now the first lady is gearing up for yet another, undoubtedly insanely expensive, trip to China. It’s not an ambassadorial type trip, it’s a vacation. To a country from which we are having to borrow money in order to remain solvent. Talk about embarrassing.

If we had the money, if we had the economic stability, if we had lower unemployment and a better climate for business, I would support our first family showing off in a bit of a jet setting manner (though no matter what, a $100 million trip to Africa is ridiculous, as is a $5 million 2-day trip to Ireland) because it would reflect our own country’s success, but that’s certainly not been the case. In fact the President’s policies have damaged the country. Instead these costly vacations, given our country’s current problems, begin to seem more like parasite sucking out as much life force as it can before the animal it’s feeding on dies.

While Obama has preached to us to “tighten our belts”, Michelle Obama hosts dinner parties in $12,000 dresses with caviar and quail eggs.

It’s not the vacations that offend me, it’s the blatant disregard for their own message of “equality”.

One that epitomizes the Orwell quote:some animals are more equal




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