Conservative Guide to Surviving at a Liberal Campus


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While college may be in its last half of the year, new students are gearing up to graduate high school and go forth on to great paths of higher education.  Higher education, the fortitude of intellectualism and brilliance…and liberalism. For poor conservatives more often than not we find ourselves to be the minority of these so called institutions of higher learning. So how does a Conservative survive college without becoming a liberal and without being cast out of the social society of colleges and universities? When I was doing research for this article, I looked at some other guides and found very few of them out there. So I decided to write my own, based off my own experiences.

 1. Pick Your Battles

I know this one seems a little odd, but it is important to note. There are some people that you will never be able to convince regardless of facts and evidence. This includes and more likely refers to Professors. They, sadly, control your grade and while a healthy debate is warranted in any class be careful that it doesn’t go much far beyond that. I’ve had the pleasure of having, while liberal, very professional educators who do not grade you based on your ability to spew their propaganda, but by the quality of work presented. Not all professors are like that, though. So be careful which professors you choose to tackle with.

If it goes too far and the class is pure propaganda, you may have to go to the Dean, or department head. I suggest making friends with the faculty. Find a favorite professor and ask them for help.

2. Do your own research and be ready to send links and sources.

Studies, facts, and evidence are your friends. If you’re telling a couple of liberal students that the wage gap is a myth, you better be ready to send links and present evidence to that. As well, do your own research, look deep into things, talk to fellow conservatives who may be able to help you find the facts to back up your claims. Like it or not you’ll be defending your opinions constantly.

3. Stick to your guns, both literally and figuratively.

You know what is true and what is not. Do not compromise your opinions, stick to your views and do not give into pressure, however acknowledge that there are some people who will not change their minds and that’s okay. So agree to disagree and go on your merry way. Principles should not be compromised. However, that does not mean that consensus cannot be reached and common ground found between people off differing ideas.


4. Be prepared to be disliked.

You cannot be a strong conservative on a liberal campus and be well liked for it. During the 2012 election I was known as the Big Conservative Bitch on my college campus. My crime? Being a conservative and being unafraid to talk about it. They tell you to always avoid two conversation topics. Politics and religion. Sadly I wear both on my sleeve and lavish in a good political conversation.Thankfully I still have friends, but the reputation has stayed. Having conservative views is not popular and there is no guarantee that people will appreciate your different opinions.

5. Keep calm and know when to walk away

This one sounds obvious, but a calm debate can easily escalate into a shouting match. Remain calm and collected, a cool head will get you far. If they start calling your names that’s your queue to leave. There’s no point in debating someone who’s escalated to the five-year-old playground rules. It is easy to become angry and heated, trust me, I know. You have to remain cool because if you lose it, it will count against you.

6. Be prepared to explain everything.

Explaining Conservative ideas is a must, as your average liberal gets their information on conservative views from MSNBC, Comedy Central, and Social Media. I run into this often when the topic of gay marriage comes up and everyone says, “Conservatives hate gays.” I then have to go on an entire speech and explain the views on gay marriage, from civil unions, to getting the government out of marriage, etc. Try answering their questions as eloquently and honestly as you can.

7. Join or start your local Conservative/Republican/Tea Party group or club

You do not have to be alone. Odds are there are other conservatives on your campus. You just need to know where to look. Taking a government class is a great way to find out where people lie on the political spectrum. Joining your local conservative club is also a great way to meet  like-minded people. If there isn’t one at your school, start one.

My last piece of advice is to enjoy college because despite the liberal nonsense college can be a positive place. Do not let the liberalism get you down.


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