The BDS Boycott of Israel


In response to this week being BDS Propaganda Week (or is it a month now), I’ve decided that its time to talk about what it means to boycott Israel and Israeli businesses that operate in Judea and Samaria.

First let me ask you a question. What country in the Middle East employs Palestinians and gives them decent wages, healthcare, job security, and ability to better themselves and make a career? Hint, its not a Muslim nation.

If you answered Israel, pat yourself on the back and go get a cookie because you are correct. Let’s take Soda Stream. It is a prime example of the fantastic ability of Israelis and Palestinians coming together (Jewish and Arab Israelis to boot) and working in a safe and peaceful environment to make a good product. So what is the problem?

Arabs own business in Israel and graduate from Israeli universities. But you’re never going to hear the BDS crowd mention any of this. Why? Simple! It doesn’t serve their purpose. I can go on and tell you how Arabs serve on the Knesset and often bash Israel in the Knesset. I can mention how they protest in Israel and freely practice their religion. Cities in Israel have Arab quarters that are not poverty stricken, or ghetto resembling. There is much more, but none of it will ever make BDS news because their lie machine would implode and scatter into a million pieces.

They perpetuate so much  misinformation that when the truth comes out they’re too deep into the sand to see it.

They want to boycott Israel for a very simple reason: they hate Israel. Its not any more complicated than that. And why do they hate Israel? Another simple answer: because it exists. That’s it. No grand and profound reason at all.

But here is my question to the BDS crowd. Why only Israeli businesses, and why primarily food and skin care? Why not boycott Intel, and breast cancer detection technology,  pill cams, etc. Why is it you do not boycott Israeli hospitals that treat Palestinians? You’re trying to push an education boycott on Israel, which would hurt the Arabs trying to get degrees from there. The people who they are threatening are not just the Jews, or the Israelis, but the people who directly benefit from Israel’s technology, food, companies, etc. So why only education, food, and skin care? While you’re at it why not also boycott the water Israel gives the Palestinians, or the electricity they provide Gaza with?

But hey, if they plan on ignoring me and continuing on by all means, boycott everything and don’t stop at Israel. If you hate the Jewish state, might as well boycott Jewish inventions and innovations too. See how well that goes.

But ultimately all this will do is actually hurt the same people they are supposedly advocating for, given the freedoms Arabs have in Israel.  Remember, for every BDS person boycotting  some company, there is pro-Israel person purchasing from it. And in the same sense they will never accept the truth, we won’t be drinking their Kool-aid.



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