Let’s do a National Model Congressional Conference


As I was in the middle of a committee meeting at the Harvard National Model United Nations an idea worked its way into my head and I think it is worth a listen. This idea, ambitions and certainly difficult could go a long way in helping to understand the country and the various positions that are held. The proposal is that much like HNMUN, Harvard, or Yale, or some other college or university, with prestige and preferably in Washington DC, hold a Model Congressional Conference.

So what exactly am I proposing and why? I am proposing that colleges and universities around the country send representatives much like states send Congressmen and Senators, to a conference where they will be pretending, voting, debating and acting as not only their state reps, but also with the political affiliation of those reps. Take Texas for example. The University of Texas for example could send a representative to the Model Senate as a Democratic/Republican/Tea Party/Libertarian, etc party. Now picture this with two hundred university representatives that would then make up the the two houses that are the Legislative branch of our government.

From there, the sponsoring college would serve as VP, Speakers of the House and Senate, possible as majority/minority leaders, as well as chairs and dais of the many subcommittees.  Now what would they be doing for these four days? There are many issues around our country and what the ultimate goal would be for students, as representatives of their state’s interest and  along with their model political affiliation work together to come up with a comprehensive bill that would then be debated, voted on and perhaps even submitted to the “president” or head of the whole event for review and possible signature who would then have to act in accordance as POTUS.

What are the benefits of this. First of all it is education of the function and chaos that is our government. The students would walk away with great knowledge of how a bill becomes a law and how the decision making powers work. What this also does is allow said students to step into the shoes and views of a party they may not personally belong to in order to understand how and why that party would vote that way. An example would be if someone from, say, Massachusetts, is pretending to be a Tea Party conservative delegate. They would then have to put aside their own liberal views in order to effectively pretend to be that party member. They of course would have to do comprehensive research ahead of time on the views of the party before the conference.

It allows for a difference of opinion and a chance to see a new perspective on the issue as well as learn and do detailed research on the Tea Party that is not limited to MSNBC.

I, of course, understand the scope and difficulty of something like this, so even a smaller conference would be great. Something to get people thinking outside the perpetual stereotypical box. Something to get people to look at things from a different perspective. It is an incredible


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