Russia Bans Lace Panties, Doesn’t Really Understand How This Procreation Thing Works

Russia has a population problem, at least that’s what Putin has claimed.*

It’s one of the reasons behind the laws banning “gay propaganda” in Russia, because we all know that banning anything that looks gay will cause gay men and women to get married and start popping out babies. It’s a horrible and ineffectual idea, but this is Russia so I’m not actually surprised.

Horrible and ineffectual is pretty much what they do.

I mean…Sochi. C’mon people.

Okay, they have a birth rate problem, we’ve established that.

The cure for a country with a falling birth rate is obviously encouraging its married citizens to have more sexy times, which Russia has been promoting with prizes to couples who give birth exactly 9 months after the Day of Conception…which is a holiday.

Recently they did something that is more likely to impair, rather than encourage, the sex lives of most Russians however.

They banned lace underwear.

Women took to the streets wearing panties on their heads Sunday as they protested new laws banning lace underwear in Kazakhstan.

The legislation – which includes provisions covering the required level of moisture absorbtion in the garments – will come into force this summer in Kazakhstan as well as Russia and Belarus, according to the Moscow Times.

– NBC News (Panty Protest: Kazakhstan Women Outraged by Lace Underwear Ban)

Now look, I get it, this is all about health right? I’m not sure how, but that’s what the Customs Union is claiming.

But can’t women make decisions about their undergarments on their own? It’s not as if lacy panties have ever killed anyone, unless that person had a heart condition and had not discussed with their doctor whether it was safe to begin engaging in sexual relations again.

Give me lacy panties or give me death…or something.

Especially if your government has a vested interest in getting your populace to procreate.


*Not everyone agrees.


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