For Her Next Trick Wendy Davis Will Claim Her Evil Twin Was Responsible For All Her Previous Political Positions

Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis has an extremely low opinion of the intelligence of Texas voters.

In a desperate attempt to draw people’s attention away from her “miscommunication” about her own background and the fact that she has yet to actually articulate much of a platform on actual issues, Davis has started trying to appeal to Texas voters with the most inexplicably dumb series of claims possible.

Davis, who currently has a D rating with the NRA, first started off her distraction tour by claiming she was actually a pro-gun candidate. 

But the one that really rankles is the claim that she is making that she is a “pro-life” candidate and that she would support an abortion ban at 20 weeks. 

Excuse me?

The only reason that Wendy Davis has national name recognition was her 12 hour stand against a 20 week limit on abortions last summer. Does she really think that people are dumb enough to forget this, or to buy the excuse that she would have been fine with a 20 week ban if it had given more “deference between a woman and her doctor?” What does that even mean? Is this similar to the phrase “fair share” that liberals will never define for us? What is “enough deference” when it comes to a doctor and woman deciding if a pregnancy needs to be ended?

Asking for her to define what she means isn’t too much to ask for, given that Senate Bill 5 (the bill she filibustered) and House Bill 2 (the bill that passed) both have exceptions (in section 171.046 in HB2 and SB5)  for the doctor to make in the case of danger to the health of the mother or severe fetal abnormality in the child. One would think that in either of these cases the decision being made would be one that would defer to the medical knowledge of the doctor and the decision making skills of the woman involved.

What more does Davis want?

Oh right, she just wants the Texas voters to conveniently forget that she’s everything the majority of them despise.

Either that or she has fewer brain cells than the typical Justin Bieber fangirl and just can’t remember her views from month to month.

Which really begs the question, is that the kind of person Texans would vote for? Not likely.

Or maybe she will end up trying to convince us she has an evil twin.

Good luck with that Wendy.

If that doesn’t work maybe you can claim you were abducted by aliens. I hear those probes they use can really scramble your brain.



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