Ask The Diva 14.2 The Love Edition


Diva QDear Diva Q,

Should I eat Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Dazs while I am subjected to all the romantic comedies on Valentine’s Day? Also, which flavor goes best to stop one from going homicidal?

I’m not into novelty flavors that much, so usually go with Haagen Dazs. I LOVE their strawberry flavor, it only has 5 ingredients. I’m getting a feeling that your best bet would not be found at most stores. I sense you need wine ice cream.

Dear Diva Q,

I had the crappiest year in dating. I had two potential boyfriends,and it ended up badly. One was a complete jerk when I kindly explained I did not reciprocate his feelings, the other ended up being too old and too full of himself.

Even when the guy is perfect I have anxiety attacks and feel uncomfortable the entire “date”. I feel like all I want to do is run and hide in a dark hole and pretend the other person doesn’t exist. What’s wrong with me? What can I do and how do I go into the dating world without feeling like a complete freak?
Oh dahling, I feel for you. I used to have horrible anxiety attacks like that also. I can’t stand them! Then I figured it out, in my head, I made the guy perfect, thus making me below him. That will drive you nuts every time. The only answer I can give you is go out & be yourself. Less anxiety that way. Who needs anxiety? Makes your hair go gray. You’re not a freak, my dahling. Just a young woman. I wish all the luck in the world finding your perfect match. 
Dear Diva Q,
Is it acceptable to glare murderously at Valentine’s Day decorations and happy couples or am I being a terrible person?
Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, my dahling. I understand it can make one feel all stabby inside. I guess it could be acceptable, but why be miserable? Being miserable adds years to your face. Ugh! So not worth it in my book. Why not grab a single friend and have a friend date? Cause some chaos. (Nothing illegal though) Have fun. Live life by your own rules! 
Dear Diva Q,
Are gun holsters appropriate gifts for Valentine’s Day?
If the one receiving the gift has guns, then by all means, YES! 
Do you need some life advice and don’t know where to turn? Email your questions to No email address is ever sold or told. Confidentially is strictly enforced. Until next month, my dahlings!

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