The Anti-Conservative Stigma

Kermit the frog sings, “It isn’t easy being Green.” Well, we conservatives have a similar song. But it isn’t nearly as catchy.

Its not easy being a Conservative just doesn’t have the same kind of ring to it.

I was not always such an outspoken conservative as I am these days. But I have always held certain conservative values on Israel, healthcare, the economy, guns, etc. These days, particularly after the election of our dear president there has been a developing stigma that came full front during the 2008 and 20012 elections. That is the anti-conservative stigma and you can thank the Media for that. At times, I’m actually afraid to mention that I enjoy reading Fox News or The Blaze, or that I like listening to Sean Hannity or reading Ann Coulter because of how people (the media and the left) have turned being a Conservative or a Republican into an almost taboo.

Every Republican who has ever said something wrong has had his face plastered on the internet and the news as a representative of the entire party and conservative movement. Look at how the media has treated conservative movements like the Tea Part? They love us, right. On the other hand moron comments made by the left are casually swept under the rug by all except Fox News and The Blaze, or other conservative news groups.

This stereotype that Conservatives are all rich old white men  has gone to the forefront in the past thirty years or so becoming even bigger in the last six. The idea that anyone can be a conservative is ludicrous to the liberal media and the liberal mind to the point where they will come at the Jewish, female, African-America, Hispanic, Gay, etc, conservative and claim that these people  are supporting oppression or wish to be treated as second-class or stifling equality, or dividing the nation. Based on my views I have seen nothing but intolerance from the left and I am not the only one.

Imagine walking into a conversation between friends and some how politics becomes the topic and you casually mention within the  relevance of the conversation that you won’t be voting for Obama, or that you believe (insert conservative value/idea here). Suddenly the conversation stops. Everyone is staring at you as if you just confessed that you are some kind of deviant that likes killing puppies in front of small children.

It looks something like this:

It is a very shocked/appalled look they get on their faces right before you get called lots of names and are asked lots of stupid question such as, “But you’re a woman, don’t you know the Republicans….” Or, “But you’re, (     )  don’t you know that so and so Republican said….”  It gets really old really fast. It is a disgusting stigma that crushes ideas of bipartisanship and cooperation. It also divides people and makes it difficult to communicate in general.

This kind of rhetoric is very dangerous because of this. It closes people off from hearing conservative ideas, or a different idea in general. It makes people more intolerant because they cannot accept anything more than what they have decided exists inside their little box.

I once had a professor tell me that she had a friend, a woman who was a die hard Democrat. But she had some new ideas on policies. These ideas were laughed at and she could not get anything done. Where do you think she got recognition? Where do you think her new and different ideas were welcomed? Hint: Its the OTHER big party. That same professor told me that she would never be able to be head of the DNC (not that she wanted to anyway, but if she did)  because she was a woman of color.

Its really simple. In the same way that a a certain type of person can be a liberal they can also be a conservative. It is not about the kind of person or minority or majority you are, but about what you believe.If you want us to believe that the left is nice and accepting then start acting like it by accepting  that there are women and gay and Jewish and African American, etc conservatives and stop trying to demean them or invalidate their views. If the left truly wants bipartisanship and the two parties working together then they need to realize that conservatives come in all shapes and sizes and just because someone is a woman, or Jewish or gay, does not mean they have to believe what you do.

The left needs to learn to accept that there are different points of view and that just because they differ from yours does not mean that a person is an idiot. Less government does not automatically equal anarchy and being a minority is no guarantee of political opinion. In contrast he right has a job as well. We need to start thinking more about what we say and pick our battles. We need to understand how different the country is and how varied.  Our Right-Wing reps also need to do a better job of thinking before speaking. This is a big one, time and time again Republican representatives are caught saying this or that. Well start thinking about what you’re saying and how it’s going to sound to everyone who hears it. Sadly, we are the ones under a microscope. Therefore we need to work a little harder on making sure that we do not give them any more ammunition to try to shoot us down with.

In the end, I will leave this with a wish. I hope and dream and wish that people will start voting with their brains and they will pick a candidate not because he is a black man, or a woman, or gay or Jewish, etc, but because they earnestly believe with all their might that this man or woman is the best person to for the job.




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