Judge Not Lest Ye Be On Tumblr

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This past weekend I did the unthinkable on Tumblr, I had an opinion that diverged from the SJW and the perpetually offended that dwell within. Often times I have a difference of opinion, but this is something I try not to advertise because let’s face it, the former tend to get a little out of control when they have their sights set on someone who disagrees. My horrid opinion? That I didn’t consider it a tragedy when a celebrity overdosed on heroin. I reserve the use of the word tragedy when something is actually tragic; shootings, plane crashes, natural disasters. Considering the amount of celebrities who have died from drugs and alcohol in my lifetime alone it’s hard to continue to muster the strength to be devastated every time this occurs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Philip Seymour Hoffman. I tend to get in these holding patterns where I become fascinated with one actor and must then watch everything they’ve ever been in. Which happened a few years ago with Hoffman. I have a great appreciation of his talent and will continue to appreciate the work that he did. But that doesn’t erase the nature of his far too early death and what caused it. A sentiment I shared on Tumblr only to be informed, rather promptly, that I was a bad person for believing what I do. I’m a non-Liberal on the Internet, you expect that I would be use to this by now. However, the hypocrisy of sites like Tumblr never fails to baffle me.

One user in particular, who doesn’t even put their real name up, informed me what a horrible, unfeeling person I am they went on to suggest that I get educated on the subject. Once I got educated I might be capable of what they consider the appropriate sympathy. Normally I’m capable of walking away from these confrontations, mainly because I don’t care what a stranger thinks about me. But in this case the use of the term “get educated” annoyed me to no end. Who is this person to tell me to get educated? They deduced from two paragraphs written on my phone that I was an unfeeling person just looking to bad mouth someone who had struggles in their life? So I calmly informed the other user that they don’t know me or the other people who agreed with me. They have no idea what might have occurred in our personal lives to leave us with the points of view we each take. After that I suggested we just walk away from the disagreement as I was clearly never going to convince them and they weren’t likely to change my mind. But they couldn’t let it drop and told me that my personal feelings were no excuse for my opinion. I must admit, I stared blankly at the computer for  fair amount of time trying to puzzle out how, according to this stranger that I don’t know from Adam, my feelings and opinions were not allowed to be intertwined.

And that’s the main problem I find with people on Tumblr. There’s no consideration for the fact that you aren’t interacting with an avatar and a user name, there’s a person on the other end that has had a completely different set of experiences in life. At some point everyone began to assume that since we’re all on the same site, we’ve all had the same life. When you show a glimmer of something that deviates from that narrative you’re labeled a number of things: Don’t like the president? Racist. Don’t support male bashing? Anti-feminist. Like the song Blurred Lines? Well you support rape culture. Conservative? You should just shut up now. They all preach a bully-free environment that accepts everyone and every opinion you might have. No matter what you hold dear, you’ll be accepted into the surrogate-familial folds . Unless you disagree with the majority. Then you should either get their version of educated or get out, agree with us or prepare to be bombarded with name calling… gosh, that sounds like a political party we’re all familiar with, doesn’t it?


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