How to Celebrate Anti-Valentines Day


Sick of all the mushie, gushie, kissie and cutsie Valentines Day stuff? Alone and disgusted? Well we’ve got a solution for you. The guide to celebrating Valentines Day that will NOT leave you miserable and depressed…we guarantee it….well…we guarantee 60% of it. The rest is up to you.

Nothing is more annoying than sitting, eating chocolate and watching romantic movies, alone, in the dark, with a blanket and no one else beside you. But it doesn’t have to be…unless you want it to be. Here are some suggestions for enjoying this day and not wallowing in a sea of misery and self-pity.

  1. Grab a friend and go on a platonic date.

You do not have to be alone this Valentines day. Grab your best friend, your single sibling, or whomever and drag them to the movies or for a night on the town. Enjoy each others company. Your friends and family mean a lot to you. And retail therapy is always good, go out and treat yourself to something nice. Maybe a new dress, or watch.  It will get you out of the house and give you an opportunity for a few amazing one-liners as you observe the love-struck couples.


2. Go to a spa.

Something else you can do by yourself, or with just a friend , or mother, or sister, or brother, etc, is go to the spa. You should take care of yourself and leave the stress of this holiday behind. You do not need a significant other to feel good about yourself. Use this time to focus on feeling good. Get a message, or a mud bath, or a face scrub, a manicure, or some kind of new hair treatment. It will boost your confidence and self-esteem and you’ll end up looking awesome.





3. Laser Tag/Shooting Range

Continuing on the theme of going out with friends and family. Going to the shooting range is a great way to get trid of your frustrations and forget about being single. Or, if you don’t feel like unloading rounds on a picture of your last ex, how about Laser Tag? You can fake shoot your friends and relatives instead of cardboard and wallow in their defeat instead of your own misery.  Got a lot of single friends? Perfect, drag them to the Laser Tag arena and battle for victory.



4.  Find your fictional/dream partner and watch or read whatever they are in.

Want to be alone instead? We got you covered there too. Nothing is more amazing then settling down with a good book or your favorite TV-show/childhood cartoon. Got a thing for Nathan Fillion? Then tonight is Firefly night, or Castle night, or Doctor Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog night. Nathan Fillion not your man? That’s okay, there are plenty of fictional men and women that may fit your fancy. Settle down with a steaming cup of tea or coco and have fun.  Benedict Cumberbatch more your alley? Okay, there’s Sherlock, War Horse, Star Trek Into Darkness and more. There is a fictional man for everyone.

5. Get informed on books with movies coming out.

2014 has some cool action flicks coming out. Use this opportunity to read the Hunger Games, or check out your local comic book store to pick up The Winter Soldier, or Days of Future Past, or Guardians of the Galaxy.  Captain America and Heroes galore. Not up for those? A casual Batfamily comic will lift your spirits and leave you laughing on the floor.

Dystopian movies are right up there this year with superhero flicks. So  consider also picking up Divergent, or the Maze Runner

6.  If you want to be alone, watch awesome anti-Valentines day movies. Kill Bill, the Expendibles, Star Wars. The Action Movies. 

Who needs two people stumbling around each other for nearly two hours when you can have Jedi, hot men, and lots and lots of people shooting and stabbing and killing other people. Romance? Psht who needs it. Violence is the way to go this Valentines Day. With so much action and gore you’ll be too busy rooting for the good guys to kill the bad guys to dwell on being single. Action, bullets flying, blood spewing, and the good guys kicking butt. That is the way to go.

7. How about focusing on your writing.

Feel like being productive instead of spending money or wasting time?  This is a great opportunity to spend the night in and work on that novel you’ve been putting off. This can be fun and you can take the time to focus on developing awesome fictional characters and a great plot that will keep you busy and entertained and not thinking about being single.

Don’t feel like a novel? How about a short story, or hey, even fanfiction can be a great substitute from eating chocolate and being sad.

This anti-Valentine’s Day focus on realizing the awesome potential you have and that it is okay to be by yourself. Think of the money you might be saving, or the awesome company you can keep instead of a pity fest with the Notebook or Titatic, or Casablanca. Have fun and enjoy YOU.


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