Coca-Cola and Scarlett Johansson Won the Superbowl


If you watched the game, as I did, by the end you realized you wasted four hours of your life that you’re never going to get back. The Winter storm that was a-comin’, warning everybody and their momma that it would be the worst weather conditions in Superbowl history, saw clear skies and hardly any wind. At least, not enough to knock Pam Oliver’s weave around, if she were there. But I digress…

Even the half-time show, I’m sorry to say, even if I may be in the minority here, fell flat for me. I felt it was rushed through and when I stopped to think about it we only heard 4 Bruno Mars song and just ONE Red Hot Chili Peppers song?! You might be surprised to hear that I happen to be a RHCP fan from the late 90′s and I would have liked to hear at least 2 or 3 songs from them. I know Bruno Mars was the “headliner” but as far as I was aware, RHCP was not a “featuring…” act but an “also…” act. I took this to mean they’d have the use of the stage for more than just the one song. Let me not take away from Bruno Mars’ performances that he DID do. “Locked Out of Heaven” seemed too noisy and it sounded like he was competing to be heard over the band. Treasure was good, especially when he called upon the spirit of James Brown with some of his moves. He ended on a slow and sentimental note, singing a song that several of our service men and women dedicated to loved ones back home. Just him, a spot light and a microphone. To me, that is Bruno Mars at his best. The singer that actually stole the show however, was not to be found during halftime. And if you didn’t start watching the pre-show celebrations going one for 4 hours BEFORE the game started at 6:30pm, you would have missed Renée Fleming at 6:25pm singing. She is the first Opera singer to sing our National Anthem at the Superbowl. If you missed it, here’s a clip for your viewing pleasure below:

Aside from the game and the half-time show, over the last decade or so, there is one other reason why millions upon millions watch the Superbowl; the commercials. It is evidenced by the six figure cost to air one as long as :30 or even :60 seconds in length. I wonder if these companies who shell out that kind of money really do see a substantial return in their investment or has it become such a spectacle that it’s all about the shock value now more than the product being advertised? Quite frankly, as one who loved the Darth Vader and “God made a farmer commercial (both selling some cars I think…)  I don’t care.

This year Dorrito’s tanked again, the car commercials missed the mark as well, and Budweiser? Nope, didn’t get it. However, Coca-Cola, who normally do some cute commercials with the Polar Bear family that I look forward to during the Christmas season, surprised me with their multicultural commercial where American’s of every walk of life, faith, and sexual orientation (yes I did catch the “gay dads” that seems to have struck the match on this firestorm) sang “America #thebeautiful” in their own native language. I honestly went through a series of emotions seeing this commercial. First I rolled my eyes like thinking “oh here we go, those who believe English should be the American language will be up in arms.” Then I held my breath, waiting for the one split second where some image would be deemed inappropriate and un-American, or even worse, TOO American (like the song wasn’t enough to think that already, right?). And when it was finally over, I began to breath again, realizing, there was no need to go through all that I just went through. It’s just a damn commercial! But when the MSM and those in power infiltrate our minds so much so on a daily basis we no longer realize how they’ve got us so “on guard” we become on edge about a Superbowl commercial that will be long forgotten once Superbowl XLIX rolls around this time next year.

Then Scarlett Johansson appeared on my screen and, speaking as a living, breathing human being who has both eyes to see with and ears to hear with (…oh and I should mention I’m a lesbian as well) she is gorgeous. Not only that, but it’s the first time a commercial actually made me WANT the product being sold! It’s rare to find a commercial where you know the product being advertised and can remember what the product was when the commercial is over. More than half the time I can remember what the commercial was but ask me what was being advertised and I’d need a few minutes to tell you that. This commercial has been in the news for weeks before Superbowl Sunday because the product in question, Soda Stream, is owned and operated in Israel. I have to be honest when I tell you, until this “news” broke, I had no idea 1) that it was owned and operated in Jerusalem or 2) that this was such a big deal anyway. Location, location, location, seems to be the point of contention among those truly hurt and upset over Scarlett Johansson’s choice to be their spokesperson. If you don’t like it, don’t buy the damn product! Otherwise, SHUT UP and enjoy the fact that this Soda Stream commercial and whatever movie she’s in will probably be as close as you’ll ever get to her! And whoever she’s engaged to is right now, he’s a lucky man!

And heck, cause they deserve to be remembered…


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