The Government Diet


It seems that Michelle Obama was lacking camera time again. So she decided to bring up healthy eating by teaming up with Subway. Just what I to see when I go eat, the FLOTUS’ face.

meech o


Okay. Maybe her face  won’t quite be that big at your local Subway. Which will help business. (Photo credit: SooperMexican)

It just seems Michelle is really naggy when it comes to what people eat. Even to the point that elementary schools are telling parents that what they are sending from home isn’t good enough. As a taxpayer, I think I should have a say in what they serve in the schools’ cafeteria, but never a sack lunch. Granted, if the kid is eating nothing but Twinkies and drinking Mountain Dew, then yeah, I think a school representative should say something to the parents. Don’t embarrass the child in the process though. If the parents are sending a sandwich, chips, fruit/veggies, and a juice drink, call it good.

This kind of harassment started when Mrs. Obama started her ‘Healthy Eating Campaign’. Suggest, don’t force. I don’t like being told what to do, especially by people who don’t know me personally. I really don’t like being told want to eat by someone who is not my doctor or nutritionist. Government was not set into place to tell me what to do with my body.

I have a problem with the First Lady of the United States being a commercial ad for a company. If she’s wants to take on a platform, go for it! Nancy Reagan had the “Just Say No” campaign. I saw her on at least one show. Differ’nt Strokes to be exact. That’s not my problem. My issue I have with this is Michelle Obama is being seen more as a celebrity than a First Lady. First Ladies are to be a hostess when visitors arrive at the White House. They are to make people feel welcome in their presence. They are like an ambassador for the United State. Not a celebrity. Not a fast food company’s spokesperson.

flotus nyc


This is what a NYC Subway looked like when Michelle Obama was inside. Notice the police blockade and paper covering the windows. Is that a sign of celebrity or an ambassador?


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