Obamacare Fails At Marketing to Key Demographic


We all know what Obamacare needs to succeed.

It needs the blood of the young.

Well…maybe not blood, but definitely their money.

And preferable lots of it, soon.

Unfortunately for them their attempts to connect with my generation are really pretty lame.

Because right now it’s getting a little…sad to see how desperate Obama is to pretend everything is just peachy in Obamacare land.

What weed is Obama smoking? Because I assume it is some really really good sh*t if it’s making him believe this is true. There enrollment figures aren’t anywhere CLOSE to hitting their goal in March.

But some of the recent attempts to connect with the youth have been a little more pathetic than politicians usually go for.

First they had this crazy idea to have a video contest.

Everyone loves a video contest right? You can win some cool #swag and stuff like that, am I right?

But for some reason only 100 videos were submitted (and based on the quality of the winners, we can safely say Conservatives are way more talented/creative than liberals).

It’s almost like the youth have become apathetic and jaded when it comes to the 2nd coming of Barack Obama and his healthcare bill.

This was bad news.

So they moved on to a new plan. Ads with bad grammar that depicted young adults as boozy, slutty, halfwits. That was SURE to go well, all young adults like being treated like children who can’t act responsibly after all.

Then there was “Barack O-beezy”. A rather disturbing attempt to make a song, that is a decade too old to appeal to the age group they need to seduce, into believing that everything is cool in the hizz-ouse with Obamacare, because Obama is so swaggy.

No really. Watch the video for yourself. 

Now, the latest (and worst) representation of the entire mess.


Because you really want to remind 26 to 30 year olds that, under Obamacare, they will soon be reduced to living in their parent’s basement and hanging out with them on their night off (while wearing footie pajamas) because they don’t even have the money to spare to go out to a bar.

That’s really the image you want to impress upon your key demographic.

A hipster in footie pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate, looking like a five year old who is ready to be tucked in and have Goodnight Moon read to him?

In what way does this administration think young adults are yearning to be turned into children again? I can guarantee you that I don’t want to be 5 years old again.

At this point I can’t be sure if the people marketing this are actually trying to sabotage the Affordable Care Act or if they are really just this incompetent.

Judging the crack job that was done with the website, I’m betting the latter.


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