Ask the Diva 13.12

Dear Diva Q,

How much and what type of alcohol can I add to the egg nog to ensure people relax at the party without really knowing why?


Ooh! An alcohol question. I love those. Personally, I like to put bourbon in my egg nog. If you don’t want your guests to know, I would recommend using rum. As for the mix rate, start with a small amount and slowly add until you start getting a tingle in the back of your throat. Once you get to that point, add some more nutmeg to disguise the taste. Good luck. Drink responsibly.

Dear Diva Q,

To tinsel or not to tinsel…this is my question.

I’m not a huge fan of tinsel myself. So much cleaning. I guess it depends on a few things. Number 1, if you have a real tree, then yes. Fake tree, no. Number 2, how old are your children? (If you have any.) If they’re old enough not to eat it, then I say “Tis the season”! Number 3, do you have pets? You don’t want to take Fluffy to the vet because she ate some tinsel & it got caught in her digestive tract. 

Dear Diva Q,

My next door neighbor ALWAYS goes overboard on holiday decorations. They had a strobe light for Halloween…that they put up on October 1st. Now they have a giant inflatable Santa and sled and reindeer on the lawn. The Santa is motion activated and makes noise when cars go by. What do you recommend I do about this neighborhood nuisance? I’m no scrooge, but there’s only so much a Christmas loving person can take.

I’m assuming you don’t belong to a HOA. The strobe light is a bit much. It could cause an accident. As for the Santa, off the top of my head, I would steal their extension cords. I can do that. I have a good attorney. You have 3 options. Number 1, grin and bear it. Its only for a few weeks. Number 2, talk to your neighbor and seeing if they can turn the motion detection off. (Site sleepiness or headache if need be) Number 3,  (not recommending this, if you choose this one) during the dark of night, place electrical tape over the motion detection eye. Good luck!

I hope and pray that you all have a joyous, safe, and awesome Christmas!!! Do you need some advice and don’t know where to turn? Email your questions to No email address is ever sold or told. Confidentially is strictly enforced. Until next month, my dahlings!


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