Sexual Harassment Isn’t Even in a Six Year Old’s Vocabulary


6 year olds do not understand sexual harassment or social impropriety.

Nor should they.

They are 6.

When someone asks me when my first kiss was, there are two answers.

The first is that I received the first kiss (that I knew the significance of) at 17, from a boy who was as nervous as I was about the whole event.

The second is that I got my actual first lip on lip contact at age 6, with the son of the landlord of the town house my family rented. We were coloring in the little room under the stairs that I used as a play room (I was Harry Potter before Harry Potter was cool yo *puts on thick framed, black plastic glasses*) and he rammed his face into the door frame and his lip was bleeding. I, of course, did just what my mom did with my scraped knees or a sprained finger and “kissed it better.”

My mom thought it was the most adorable thing she had ever heard when I told her about it when she came home from work.

No one accused me of sexual harassment, because what I did was not sexual harassment. Even if the landlord’s son hadn’t wanted me to “kiss it better” it wouldn’t have been, because there was no intent on my part to harass him, sexually or otherwise.

In the case of a 6 year old in Colorado being suspended for sexual harassment because he kissed his “girlfriend’s” hand, it’s even more ridiculous.

What should be an adorable expression of innocent love has been turned into something dirty and potentially emotionally scarring for Hunter Yelton, who now believes that showing innocent regard for a girl that he likes (who also likes him) is “something wrong” that he should “feel sorry” for.

Maybe the teacher needed to bring it up to the parents of both children and let them work it out if the parents of either child found issue with what Hunter did.

If they did have a problem, then maybe the teacher needs to sit Hunter and his “girlfriend” a little further apart during reading group.

Did Hunter need to be accused of Sexual Harassment though?

That’s pretty much a “no” based on the information we’ve been given.

This school needs to pull back and reassess their priorities, because something is very wrong with how they are dealing with this.


For another look at this, read V the K’s piece “Criminalizing Heterosexuality” at


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  1. great article post more articles thanks.

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