Delivery Man Delivers All That Was Promised

Delivery-Man-Poster-202x300So I had low expectations for Delivery Man going in. Yes it looked like a wonderful feel good movie with heart and humor. But the fact is that Vince Vaughn has consistently disappointed me in almost every film he has ever done. So while it had potential I was fully expecting for that potential to be ruined within ten minutes. Happily I was very wrong. Every pitfall this movie could have fallen into it avoided. It was happy and sweet and endearing. I give it a B+

The story of David Wozniac, a delivery man who only has his job because it’s a family business. The only reason his girl friend hasn’t dumped him entirely is she’s pregnant…but he’s on probation there. David is generally a loser. But for all of his faults he does seem to care about people…it’s just that he seems to have no ability whatsoever to plan. And then he finds out that due to having given just an obscene number of donations to a sperm bank earlier in life (when we find out why he did it, it actually makes you like him) he now has 533 biological children…some who are suing to find out who their biological father is. Ignoring that this makes little to no legal sense, he begins to look into their lives…and though he only shares a few chromosomes with them he finds he cares about them, and in learning about them and helping them where he can he becomes a better man himself.

In amongst all of this are some truly laugh out loud moments. Of particular note is the best friend/lawyer of Vaughn’s character played by Chris Pratt. Despite being a parent of questionable skill and fairly inept lawyer he steals just about every scene he’s in with some well written and brilliantly delivered lines.

There are some minor problems with this film (like the fact that none of these kids looking for their biological father seem to actually have parents as far as this movie’s concerned)…but overall this is the feel-good movie we all love and the one I was hoping it would be. While I love depth, a movie like this that is just warm and entertaining and refreshing, which Delivery Man is, provides all you are looking for in feel good entertainment. If you want something other than a vapid teen story of poorly written violence, I would suggest this film.


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