Pop Culture Spotlight: Wonderfalls

Wonderfalls Security Guard: [after catching the little boy shoplifting] You have choices, life choices. This was a bad life choice. That’s why you’re in an unpleasant situation. Unpleasant situations can be avoided by making good life choices.
Jaye: I have to disagree. I make good life choices. Mostly because they’re forced on me, but I make them. And I find myself in unpleasant situations all the time. You know why? Because even if you have a choice it can and will be taken away from you. We’re all fate’s bitch. You might as well go ahead and bend over for destiny now.

wonderfallsWonderfalls is basically a show that ripped off my life and turned it into a wonderful show that got cancelled a season in because people don’t have good taste in television.

The characters are way too similar to my own family for my own comfort. I’m not going to explain that to you, but I bet you can figure out which character is me if you watch the show and from there you might even get me to explain how this show is a near replication of my life…except it has better dialogue.

The show has such an absurd plot that I’m going to let wikiquote explain it for me.

Wonderfalls is a comedy-drama television series that was broadcast on the Fox television network. The show centers on Jaye Tyler, a recent Brown University graduate with a philosophy degree, who holds a dead-end job as a sales clerk at a Niagara Falls gift shop. Jaye is the reluctant participant in conversations with various animal figurines — a wax lion, brass monkey, stuffed bear, and mounted fish, among others — which direct her via oblique instructions to help people in need.

There isn’t a single episode of this show that won’t make you laugh and I’m not exaggerating.

Poor Jaye, she is a chronic underachiever who doesn’t care about anyone. So its anyone’s guess why the universe decides that she is going to do some work for it.

Of course she starts out resenting it and thinking she’s going crazy, but even with the early cancellation of the show you can see that her actions were starting to help herself and the people around her. I wouldn’t go so far as to that you’ll get some sort of epiphany from quirky 13 episode comedy, but you will enjoy watching it.

I’ll leave you with another quote and my full expectations that you will watch the show.

Aaron: There’s something out there and it’s laughing at us.

Darrin: I don’t think your sister’s special lunch is an appropriate place for an existential crisis.

Aaron: It’s not an existential crisis.

Karen: You’re studying religion for God’s sake, you were bound to have one sooner or later.

Aaron: I’m not in existential crisis! Just the opposite. I was fine when existence had no meaning. Meaninglessness in a universe that has no meaning — that I get. But meaninglessness in a universe that has meaning… what does it mean?

Jaye: It doesn’t mean anything.

Aaron: Did the cow creamer tell you that?

Karen: I’m throwing that creamer away the second we get home!


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