The Running Dead: A Story of Dead Candidates Still Winning Elections

Washington state is clearly the origin point of the zombie apocalypse.

They have two dead candidates on the ballot and those candidates look like they’re the winners of these elections.

Sadly this is not the first time this has happened.

John Rosentangle was running to be water commissioner in King County and is currently unopposed on the ballot. There are a couple of write-in candidates, but no one living is listed. Which is a pretty good position for a dead guy to be in.

John Erak was planning to run again for his city council seat, but died after filing to run. 

I’ve got nothing against these guys and this clearly isn’t their fault. I mean, seriously, they’re dead. They didn’t plan for this to happen.

But this does lead to an interesting thought.

Why could their names not be removed from the ballot? Was there some doubt as to their death? Were people sure that they would show up and say “Haha, got you! We’re still alive!”

Are the populace expecting zombie politicians? Would that actually be all that different from most politicians these days?

I’ve asked most of these same questions about why it’s so difficult to remove the dead from our voting rolls as well.

The dead should have no part in our democratic process, whether as candidates or potential voters.

Then there’s the other sad issue.

How much of a low-information voter do you have to be to vote for someone who is dead?

Seriously people, you voted for a couple of dead guys. If you googled their names even once, you would know they were dead.

Some people really are too stupid to take part in the voting process. Then again maybe the dead voters are the ones voting for the dead guys. I guess they would be the right people to represent them as constituents…


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  1. How many times do people search google for death notices of candidates on a ballot? Do you sit down with your ballot to check if everyone on it is still alive? All this blather about "uniformed voters" is ridiculous trolling. Dead candidates winning elections has happened in a LOT of States, not just Washington. It's especially unlikely if the candidate is up for something like a water district commission, as an unopposed candidate. As far as uniformed voters in Aberdeen, John Erak, the deceased, was a pretty well known & loved person. But Aberdeen no longer has a daily paper, and in every single (very local) race I know of, the incumbent was re-elected – even the deceased one. His death occurred in June, funeral in July, and plenty of people were absent (from town) for various reasons then. Less than 200 votes were cast in that election for BOTH candidates – and the final count will be today. In case you don't get my drift, the Ward 5 voters might have been out of town for the whole thing, and never realized John Erak was gone.

    • So you are admitting these people are uniformed voters? I didn't have to google for death notices, I simply googled their name and the first hits were announcements they were dead.

      So what you are saying it that people voted for someone they had no knowledge of and ever researched (low information and uninformed voters) or people intentionally voted for someone that was dead, which is the only explanation for how an informed voter would make that choice.
      Neither says much for their intelligence.

  2. I know of many people who loved and respected him, so I'm sure some voted for him as a kind of tribute to his family – who – by the way, were touched at this rather odd memorial to his memory. Candidate Richrod was already filling John's vacant City Council position – and will probably continue to do so.

  3. When a person lived for the people he would not died ever. After his so called death, he remains in the heart of the people so that is the reason that these types of the persons gets votes after his death.

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