The Plight of the New Media Blogger: Mr. President, If I Was Omnipotent I’d Make A Lot More Money

It’s a thankless task being a blogger, most of us work for free and some of us work for a pittance*. I don’t know anyone who got rich blogging about politics.

You tell someone you write about politics for a living and they light up, thinking you are a real journalist. They ask you what paper you right for and you say “oh, I write for a website”, they say “Oh, you’re like…a blogger?” and the judging starts.

If you said you wrote for Huffington Post or something similar you might get a little credit from them, but if it’s not a “real” news source by the standards of the main stream media, then they don’t care if you’re Assistant Editor or how many visitors your website got last month or how long you’ve been established.

The reaction is sort of a cross between bewildered curiosity and the look you get when you smell turned milk.**

Of course there are a few who get really excited and think that your “hobby” is really cool.

Then there are the even smaller few who realize what you are doing isn’t a hobby, but they are usually still bewildered that when they ask you to go to happy hour with them you respond “I would, but I need to watch C-SPAN tonight so I can cover blank on my website tomorrow.”

“Are you getting paid to cover blank?” They say.

“No…” and we are back to the perplexed expression you usually get. If you aren’t getting paid, how could it possibly be more important than happy hour?

How’s this for a self-esteem boost though?

Apparently we’re a big enough force that we put the President in a snit-fit almost constantly. He’s scared of us, why else would he bother to bring us up in speeches all the time? He’s constantly telling people to ignore us and warning that we are the cause of all the problems in the world (right wing bloggers that is, HuffPo and Daily Kos are great I’m sure), which is pretty amazing seeing as we’re mostly poor nerds with caffeine addictions and obsessive interests that run from economics and constitutional law to civil rights and foreign policy.

Yet somehow, bloggers and those dastardly talk radio hosts are the one single  cause of every problem in the Obama administration.

This belief would be funny if it wasn’t so delusional.

Well Obama is probably partially right I suppose, but bloggers aren’t the ones causing the problems…we’re just the ones bringing them to light. We’re just trying to help his administration with that whole “transparency” thing he promised to give the American people.

Really he should be thanking us.

He can get to work on that while I get another cup of coffee.


*Which leads me to ask: President Obama, why do you hate poor people?

**Thanks Grandma



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