Ski Slopes and Human Rights: Switzerland is a Monster!

Some times you read an article and you just sit quietly for a moment, hoping you will wake up from a nightmare or scroll up to the top and find out it was written by The Onion.

Today I got neither of those wishes.

The story was very real and it let to one of those hysterical “laughing so you don’t cry or go on a homicidal rampage” moments.

North Korea, long pegged as perhaps the world’s worst human rights abuser, accused Europe of committing  “serious human rights abuse” for refusing to sell ski lifts to the Hermit Kingdom. That’s perhaps the most revealing little moment in its breakneck effort to build ski resorts – one with real implications for how the outside world deals with North Korea.

Finally, North Korea tried to import from a Swiss company, offering $7.7 million for the lifts. It would be a logical choice: Kim went to school in Switzerland, which is presumably where he developed his very expensive love of skiing. And the country’s well-known history of neutrality at times extends even to Pyongyang. When the Swiss government blocked the deal, Pyongyang had had enough. It issued a furious responsevia official state outlet KCNA, declaring, “This is an intolerable mockery of the social system and the people of the DPRK and a serious human rights abuse that politicizes sports and discriminates against the Koreans.”

Washington Post

Yes, Kim Jong-Un’s inability to spend millions of dollars on ski lifts is apparently an abuse of human rights.

Sorry, I missed the place where the right to sporting goods was laid out as a human right.

This is outrageously stupid coming from the dictator of a country where reeducation camps are a normal part of life, the people are starving, the shortage of food and pain medicine is so severe that record numbers of North Koreans are getting addicted to meth in order to deal with pain and hunger, and the current leader executed his own ex-girlfriend recently.

Despite all that only human rights abuses that Kim Jong-Un is interested in is the horrible tragedy that is his lack of a ski resort.

Poor baby.

Maybe that $7.7 million could be spent better if it was used to, I don’t know, feed the North Koreans?

It’s been said that Mao Zedong was increasingly disconnected from reality in his later years and this was exacerbated by advisers who genuinely did not want him to know how bad China had become under his control, perhaps it’s the same in North Korea. The leader has been taken in by his own, very thorough, brainwashing and he is so insulated from his people that he doesn’t see that his policies (like his father’s before him) are killing his people…or maybe he just doesn’t care.

Either way, I really hope he gets his ski lifts…made in North Korea. Skiing isn’t the safest of sports normally, but with good old North Korea engineering…well, you get the picture.


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