Friday Spotlight on Pop Culture: Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail

The above trailer is in no way an accurate representation of the film we are about to discuss.

 This movie is an exercise in the absurd and you really have to appreciate British humor to get it, but if you like the absurd and you find the British to be hysterical, then you have to see this movie.

No really, you have too.

This movie is so hilarious that if you might get a hernia from laughing so hard while watching it.

There is something incredibly relaxing about watching a movie that is meant to be so absurd that you don’t need to engage your brain while watching it. Even conservatives need to turn their brains off now and again and just have a good, solid laugh. We might go insane otherwise.

Therefore there is no hidden meaning or lesson from this particular bit of pop culture, just a lot of good fun that you probably shouldn’t try to figure out in an any logical manner.

Plus you won’t get half my references in most conversations if you haven’t seen the movie.

(Sorry this didn’t come out until Saturday…I forgot to schedule the post…)


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