Life in Israel: “We’ll Hurt Whoever Hurts Us” – Netanyahu

Imagine living in a country where the government and military warns you to not stray far from bomb shelters and where your “must have” list of amenities for a house or apartment includes the words “bomb shelter” rather than “walk-in closet” or “swimming pool”.

I don’t think many of us could even begin to imagine a life like that. I have a relatively worry free existence. Outside of bills and work and studying for school, I’ve got very little to worry about. There is never going to be a time when alarms sound around my city and I have to get out of bed and run for a bomb shelter.

The closest any western country has got to living like that, would be London during the Blitz. Almost every night the German bombers would cross into British air space and every where the lights went out and family’s got to their shelters. If family’s were very lucky, they sent their children out to live in the countryside where they would be safe from the bombing runs.

There isn’t really an option like that for Israeli families. Rockets hit cities and rural areas indiscriminately and if you live within the likely range of attack, you just live with that fear every day when you go to work, send your kids to school, or go grocery shopping.

Israel at least has the Iron Dome missile defense system, but in this latest attack from within Lebanon, the system only shot down 1 of 4 rockets.

Four rockets were fired from Lebanon Thursday afternoon, with at least one confirmed as having struck in the area of Nahariya.

Several residents have been treated for shock.

IDF Radio reported that bomb shelters in the northern city of Akko (Acre) have been opened for public use, and the IDF is urging residents of the north to remain close to shelters.

The IDF has denied earlier reports from Arabic media that it responded to the rockets with artillery fire.

Lebanese media has been reporting that at least 2 of the rockets were fired from the Ras al-Ain neighborhood of the city of Tyre.

The IDF spokesperson’s unit has said it believes the rockets were fired by “global jihad” terrorists – another term for Al Qaeda-linked or inspired Sunni terroristsת as opposed to the Shia Hezbollah terrorist group.

One rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, between Akko and Nahariya, the IDF said. Three others struck in “open areas.”

Earlier this month, four IDF soldiers suffered light to moderate injuries on the Israel-Lebanon border, when a bomb was set off as they passed.

Israel National News

Liberals can victim blame Israel as much as they want, saying that it’s all Israel’s fault. They should have known better than to exist after all, but in reality, even if you disagree with the government of Israel, you have to acknowledge that there are over 8 million citizens in the country of Israel, many of them civilians and children.

In what way can you justify firing rockets at civilian targets? That is the action of cowards and terrorists.

Cowards and terrorists who fire from the neighborhoods of their own civilians.

Put yourself in Israel’s shoes and imagine what you would do if a neighboring country shot rockets your city or harbored the person attacking your city?

I’m 99% certain that you wouldn’t apologize for existing and ask how you could make it better.


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