Obama Thinks Releasing Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood is the Right Move

Where was he when Mubarak was in prison?

You know, the guy that was nominally our ally for quite a while.

Oh right, he was calling Morsi up to congratulate him on taking over after the coup.

Funny how there was never any discussion during the first Arab Spring uprising about whether we should yank funding from Egypt* when that coup occurred.

So what’s the deal now? Why is Obama’s administration calling for all the “politically motivated detentions” to be ended in Egypt?

Comparatively the Muslim Brotherhood was much worse for the civil rights, economic stability, and religious freedom of Egyptians than Mubarak ever was. Why is Obama siding with these dark ages throwbacks?**

The Muslim Brotherhood is currently burning churches of Coptic Christians to the ground.

The Muslim Brotherhood is burning down Christian schools and orphanages, looting shops, and evicting Coptic Christians from there homes.

The Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for riots where at least 70 people were killed, 24 of them were police.

While the Muslim Brotherhood was in charge, women were attacked for not wearing head scarfs, Christians were imprisoned, and constant human rights abuses were either committed or ignored by the Egyptian government.

Yes, I can totally see why Obama’s administration is in a hurry to get the people who ran this government, and represent these violent rioters, out of prison in a hurry.


It makes no sense. Unless this is the sort of stupidity and violence that Obama supports.

Or maybe it’s just his stupidity to blame.

After all, neither he nor his Secretary of State seem to be too worried about what’s going on in Egypt.

Obama apparently didn’t hear about the violence in Egypt until August 15th himself.

John Kerry is so nonplussed with the situation that he’s still taking his days off to go kiteboarding. 

Lack of attention to the job, maybe just a little bit.

Or maybe I’m just a racist for even suggesting it.


*note that I think we SHOULD yank aid from Egypt. The Egyptian military already has enough of our weapons to keep the Muslim Brotherhood out of commission.

**If only these were the Muslims of the dark ages actually…


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