Gun Permit Fees, Voter ID, and Poll Taxes: Let Me Explain Why You’re An Idiot

RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! CONSERVATARDS DON’T WANT BLACK PEOPLE AND BROWN PEOPLE TO VOTE #BecauseVoterID #NorthCarolinaSucks #BoycottNC #PollTax #JimCrow #RACISM!!!!!

For most of Tuesday my twitter list of various liberals blew up with an approximation of that tweet.

My eyes nearly fell out their sockets because of all the rolling they were forced to do.

Apparently North Carolina is horribly racist because they make you prove that you are a United States citizen when you vote. We’ll try to ignore how racist it sounds that liberals thing black and brown people are too dumb and/or poor to get an ID…even though you need it for everything from buying nail polish remover and sharpies and compressed air to attending R rated movies and buying cigarettes and alcohol or making a credit card purchase.

Last time I checked you needed proof of citizenship to sign up for welfare and food stamps as well.

Apparently paying for an ID card is like a poll tax and it’s a new Jim Crow law (they do know Democrats passed Jim Crow laws right?) Also North Carolina is STILL big fat racists even though they will provide free ID for those who can’t afford it.

You’re wrong

So your argument sort of hinges on the whole “poll tax” thing and that it’s wrong to make people pay to vote.

I agree. We shouldn’t charge people to vote.

Charging people for the labor and parts involved in giving them proof of citizenship is completely different. As I said on twitter on Tuesday:



“But, but, but, you might prevent them from voting!” I hear you whine. “Voting is a constitutional right!”

So is the right to keep and bear arms, my dear.

Did you know that to legally buy a handgun in North Carolina includes, not only the necessary federal identification, but also a $5 dollar fee and a background check.

The 15th, 19th, and 26th amendments are no more important than the 2nd. Yes somehow I don’t hear you getting morally outraged over the fact that California charges somewhere between $20 to $100 dollars for a handgun permit. Many other states charge sometimes exorbitant fees and make it extremely difficult to get through the process in order to legally purchase a gun.

Some states (California, Illinois, New York, etc.) refuse to honor the permits of other states, which makes cross country road trips (especially if you are a women who has the burning desire to defend herself) a hellish mess of trying to plot a route that won’t end with you being put in prison or fined egregiously.

“But, but, but we do that to make sure that people aren’t felons and that they really have the right to own a gun!” you whine again.


You can’t own a gun if you are a felon and you don’t even want to see the list of things a non-American has to do to buy a gun in the United States. That’s why we do background checks (which is generally part of the fee that is charged).

Guess what! You can’t vote if you are a felon and you can’t vote if you aren’t a citizen. So guess what we have to do?

That’s right, we have to have proof that you are eligible to vote.

Now we could do a background check on you every time you come in to exercise your constitutional right to vote, just like we do every time you come in to exercise your constitutional right to bear arms, but that really just seems time consuming and expensive.

However, we could start doing that instead, if that would make you feel better.

Somehow I think you’d prefer the ID card option.



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  1. I read all the article, Your thinking is really great thanks for sharing with us your post. If you have more ideas against guns please update us.

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