ACLU Lawsuits Are Not 10th Amendment Friendly

Imagine you’re in high school again (I apologize for any acne or P.E. related flashbacks that caused) and there is some rule the school administration has in place that you think is unfair. There are two ways to address this problem. The first would be to move to another school (we’ll pretend we have school choice for the moment), the second would be to petition the school board in some way to change the rule.

Instead you decide that all of that is too difficult, so you hire a mongol horde (that’s the only size they come in)* to come in and beat up the school board and force them to change the rule.

That’s the equivalent of the ACLU’s decision to sue the state of Pennsylvania because they don’t have “marriage equality”.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article detailing how the 10th amendment was the best thing to ever happen to the fight for gay marriage and it should be used appropriately to get things done on a state by state basis, like a group in Arizona is currently doing.  Which means doing things the right way, through the ballot box and the legislature, but the ACLU seems to have added “lawsuit” and “bullying” on to the list of acceptable means to get people to do what you want.

“Whether it’s through litigation, the legislature, or the ballot box, we will continue to work to broaden the number of states where same-sex couples can marry,” said ACLU spokeswoman Leslie Cooper.

The Advocate

FYI, that litigation is not actually acceptable. In fact that’s basically the opposite of what state’s rights means.

Much like the situation with Prop 8 in California, having a court invalidate the decision of a state is sort of not the direction you want to go with this. This will turn into a never ending series of court battles over an issue that could be dealt with much more calmly through a ballot initiative. Of course you might not like the result of that vote, but then there are 12 states and one District (plus 4 states with civil unions) that you could conceivably move too.

The thing is, cramming your “equality” down other people’s throats (pardon my language) doesn’t get you acceptance, much like when you sue a person because they won’t cater your wedding or bake you a wedding cake, all because they don’t feel the same way about your marriage.

It just sort of makes you look like a…um…you get the picture.

You can’t be all “Rah rah, 10th amendment!” right after the SCotUS ruling and then turn around and start saying “screw the 10th amendment” when it doesn’t get you what you want immediately.

Slow and steady wins the race.



*If you get that joke, I love you.


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  1. Thanks for sharing info about the 10th amendment, Meredith. This article has been very informative. Well done!


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