I Guess No One Ever Lies Under Oath Now

Did you know that when you are under threat of perjury you are not physically capable of lying? Because that was news to me, but that is apparently what some people involved in the latest Supreme Court case involving Arizona, which struck down a law requiring proof of citizenship when registering to vote.

Patricia Millett, a lawyer for groups opposed to the law, countered: “Statements under oath in a criminal case are proof beyond a reasonable doubt” in criminal cases that result in execution.

“It’s a very serious oath,” she said.


Right, of course, because no one has ever lied under oath on a criminal case. Good, that means that we no longer need to go through the lengthy job of collecting physical evidence in the case of a rape or murder, just put the accused on the stand, ask them if they did it and if they are guilty they will admit it immediately. If they say they are innocent, they must be; no one lies under oath.

How lovely, that will make the court system work ever so much more smoothly.

Look honey, we are all aware that lying under oath is illegal. Anyone who has watched a single episode of Law and Order know that, but that does not mean that no one does it when it benefits them in some way, whether that’s staying out of prison or illegally registering to vote.

The funny thing is that I could have sworn that one of the major arguments from opponents of Voter ID was that “you have to show ID to register in the first place”. At least I hear the argument often enough.

This is getting ridiculous. I need an ID to get my ears pierced, buy alcohol and cigarettes, and to pay with my credit card at Cold Stone Creamery (seriously, I get carded more there than I do at bars most of the time…I eat a lot of ice cream.)

I get it, voting is a constitutional right, but it’s a constitutional right for citizens, not just anyone. Whether you are here illegally or on a visa or you are working on your citizenship, you are not eligible to vote and it’s not wrong to require verification and any form of federally approved identification would work…so basically anything from the I-9 that proves you are a citizen.

One last question for you though, I hear a lot of talk about how this would effect several groups more than others. Minorities (are you saying they are too stupid to get an ID?), college students, and the elderly.

Last I checked, having identification is pretty necessary for living life normally. I needed an ID to verify my identity when I got my University ID card and when I checked into my dorm room, not to mention when I go to bars.

Where are these mythical university students, who are American citizens, who are running around without any form of acceptable ID? I’d love to meet them and find out how (and why) they are living that way.

Same thing goes for the elderly. How exactly have you gotten through your life without proof of citizenship?

I’m very perturbed by this idea.


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  1. I see a trend here. No one ever lies in front of congress because of 2 things:
    1) No questions are asked. All the congressmen are doing is making speeches and grand standing. The questions that are asked are answered with generalities and bs…"An Easter egg roll…"
    2) Half the time they are not sworn in which gives them the freedom to say what ever they want, lie or not.

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