As we look to the midterms, let’s look to state reform…

September 12, 2018 • Political

So it should be all to clear that the federal government, the one led by a mentally challenged traitor who leads a party of cowards and opposed by a party of idiots is not going to get anything done. Which is sad…because there are things that the federal government needs to do. Actually tax reform… Read More ›

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Trump’s Non-Defense of Western Values


  “Our citizens did not win freedom together, did not survive horrors together, did not face down evil together, only to lose our freedom to a lack of pride and confidence in our values.” Donald Trump on his one-way tour to Antenora in defense of values he doesn’t hold.     So the talking points… Read More ›

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We were right about Trump, the other pundits are still wrong


We told you about Donald Trump… Right now isolationists who so wanted to get behind Trump all are a twitter (pun intended) that their god-king is not going to be the isolationist they had hoped. We told you so. Trump campaigned on beating ISIS (even though his supposed “plan” to defeat them is clearly as… Read More ›

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Zoabi Thinks Israel is 1930’s Germany


  It’s weirdly fascinating how out of wack the world can be. Today it seems like everything the media publishes is a load of finely woven trash to make you care about an issue and to make you lean a certain way. Not all media is like that of course. But too often stories are… Read More ›

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The Joke of Phoenix Comicfest…


Phoenix Comic Fest* has decided to up the ante from last year and just blatantly say “fuck you fans, we don’t care about you.” So, a quick recap of last year’s insanity. Some lunatic came in with a slew of weapons with the goal of killing the actor who played the Green Power Ranger. Because… Read More ›

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The Solution to all Long-term Problems of Immigration


So the Trump team this week rolled out another idiotic plan, this time to lower the amount of immigration to the country.  Despite the fact that immigration itself is always a benefit and the lack there of is always a detriment, the Trump team as usual doesn’t deal with facts.  Since the sane argument would… Read More ›

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Feminism Classic


In the 1980s the Coca-Cola company made a gigantic mistake. That mistake was known as New Coke. It was so unpopular that it took less than 3 months for the company to reintroduce the original product, only under the name “Coca-Cola Classic” because the name “Coca-Cola” was already on every bit of New Coke advertising…. Read More ›

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